The independent Republic of Ireland has developed since 1987 the IFSC (International Financial Services Centre), it is located in Dublin, and it is a financial centre in which you can benefit from a preferential tax treatment. It attracts lot of people and it turns out to be the financial and insurance center of major development in Europe, is classified with Ba1 rating. The Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority is the Supervisory Authority for the financial and insurance market.

Insurance secrecy:

Compared to other countries the Irish law does not guarantee the maximum right of privacy in financial matters.


Since 1971 there is an agreement between Italy and Ireland in order to avoid double taxation and to prevent tax evasion with respect to taxes on income.

Investor protection:

The Irish law states that assets belonging to insurance policies are separated from the other assets owned by the insurance company. The Company shall keep a register with the list of the matching assets of the technical provisions. The total value of these assets may not be less than the value of the technical provisions.

Investment rules:

The Irish law provides investment flexibility and the use of non-harmonized funds is unrestricted.